The Inuit have dozens of words for snow…

And right now I can only think of one; it may be four letters!

Late 2019 the family moved from Vancouver Island to the Shuswap. A beautiful rugged landscape of pine & fir forest providing a deep green carpet over jagged mountain peaks and yielding only to shimmering lakes, snaking rivers, and the occasional small town. The whole package is tucked into the mountainous-folds of British Columbia’s south-central interior valley network.

So far we’ve experienced fall and winter here in the Shuswap and both have been magical, punctuated, affairs. Fall was fall, in all its multihue glory. The harvests came in and the chill in the air turned noticeable and swift.

And winter… well, I’m writing this in January and there is no end in sight. There’s also no beginning! There’s just snow and everything is a thick 3.5 foot, minimum, blanket of white. I haven’t been in snowbanks towering over me since childhood. As a grown man now, they’re impressive. A warmer day comes, with the promise of melting abatement, followed by a cold front delivering a fresh layer of the white stuff. I’ll have to write another blog in a few months just to confirm we’ve survived 😉

I have not shovelled this much snow in my entire life. I actually can’t lift the shovel high enough now to clear the snow bank on either side of my driveway. In some ways, simply living life is CrossFit in the Shuswap. No need to join a club to fulfill the New Year’s resolution.

Outside my home office.

Vancouver Island has been a wonderful home for us these last 20 years. While the Island does two seasons extremely well: summer and “rainy season”, it lacks imagination when it comes to winter, and tends to make a lazy effort of blending the shoulder equinoxes into a unoffensive nine month mild monotony. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Island, the ocean, and the wonderful people who call it home. I’ll be back often, but it was time for this family to mix it up…