Howdy all, sorry for not posting more regularly, it’s been a busy few weeks at the ol’ day job! Speaking of which, I have created a personal homepage with Google that imports interesting information and “widget” apps onto a Google-branded homepage. A few days ago I noticed a little green lower-case “i” in front of the standard primary colour Google logo. Welcome to iGoogle your customizable personal portal from Google. You can now crowd Google’s elegant search box with widgets, apps and aggregated content while checking out the sports scores and upcoming weather patterns. You could actually do this for quite awhile, they just decided to brand it as iGoogle recently.

Now, I’m one of the first people to line up and praise Google for being innovative and brilliant, etc. — but for some reason I felt a little unhappy that Google is heading down this personalization path. I got attached to their search above all else brand. They went the path of basic white for a reason. I like that. I don’t want my Google page to be cluttered with widgets and weather. I just want my Google search box. Akin to the roll-out of New Coke, which was a disaster. Most taste test groups enjoyed New Coke over the Classic Coke, it was better as a product. However, Classic Coke was a brand that people identified with, it was their brand, their taste. Who were the Coke executives to take that away from them when it was part of their identities? The Wikipedia entry on New Coke is a great read if you have a minute.

Anyway, likewise, Google is my brand, my search engine. Google executives- stop tinkering with it. It works fine, yes iGoogle may be better and provide information that I may find useful, but it deviates from the original Google brand that I developed a relationship with all those years ago.