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About Me

You’ve reached the personal blog of  Grant Storry; a 30-something currently enjoying life on the southern tip of beautiful Vancouver Island.

Grant’s been captivated by the Internet since grade school, when in the early 90s he was selected to be one of a handful of  junior-high students to get an email address and access to a text-based community learning network predating the world wide web. Before that, at the tender age of 14, he was “Sysop” for his own BBS and dabbled a bit in that sub-culture. It was in running his own BBS where he first was exposed to the power of networked computers and it was then that he realized that the sleepy pre-Internet world as he knew it was about to be rocked! This realization unlocked in him an insatiable desire  to learn everything he could about the Internet, and it was then that he decided to devote his career to ushering in this new networked age.

Grant has turned his passion for business, and his innate aptitude for all things Internet, into a rewarding career spanning technology startups, high-growth SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies. He has focused the majority of his time honing his skills in leadership, digital marketing, product management, business development, and technology startups.

He likes to think of himself as a lifelong student who is fascinated with the intersection of business, Internet, & human nature. (He’s also a fan of the Oxford comma).

He’s currently advising and consulting with a number of companies throughout British Columbia and California. He co-founded Bet Smart Media, a technology startup based in Victoria, BC currently rocking the sports betting space with innovative mobile apps. Before striking out on his own he managed global online marketing for Western Union Business Solutions, formerly Custom House. And before that, he got a taste for technology startup business development while working at Wondermill.

He’s a graduate of UVIC Business having studied Entrepreneurship & Commerce while moonlighting at a few technology startups.


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