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My Week, In Pictures

Ya, ya… I said I was going to WRITE more. Well, sometimes a picture is worth 100o letters. Without further adieu, my week- in pictures:

CrAzy #YYJ weather. Snow, no snow. Snow. Rain.

Reunited with friends (Part 1)

Reunited with friends (Part 2)

Working on our first brochure for Bet Smart Media’s first trade show in London

Bring Your Dog To Work Day @ Bet Smart Media. Isabele Took Over My Job!

Top secret new landing page for a new product launch at Bet Smart. (Don’t tell anyone)

Reconnecting with awesome past colleagues & friends.

Welcome Back, Me

definition of profound

Hello, hello! It’s me, Grant. I’d like to welcome myself back to my blog. I’d also like to send out a sincere thanks to “Twitter” for keeping the blog alive with the “Weekly Update” segment. Judging by my current traffic count (zero), I can tell that all of you out there on the Interwebz found the Weekly Update of my sporadic Tweets to be an indispensable addition to your daily rotation of reading!

Twitter widget will be moving on now, and all of us here at would like to thank it for it’s year of valued service. We truly do wish it all the best in it’s future endeavors.

It’s early in 2011 and I’ve made the decision to write (and blog) more often this year. While I must acknowledge that this very “resolution” has come up before, THIS year I mean it! A barrier for me in years past has been my misguided goal of always trying to come up with something profound for a blog piece. I’d be very busy with work and life, and when I’d sit down to hammer out a post, I didn’t have any inspiration left. That led to me doing a whole lot of anything except writing posts. It finally hit me the other day that not every blog post needs to be profound. In fact, lately, I’ve been trying to get a lot more out of the journey rather than putting all my eggs in the destination. That’s where the new tagline in search of the profound comes from.

So now I start blogging again. This year will be a new year (they always are at the start, anyway). I have a new tagline and a renewed commitment to my resolution of writing and blogging more.

While I’ll be blogging about my journey towards the profound, I do hope a post or two along the way will be profound and that you’ll get some value from them, dear reader. For my other goals with this site are one, to create more value for my audience; and two, to really work on my “writing voice” as I think my attempts in the past have been a bit too “stuffy”.

Looking forward to it!


Grant Storry’s Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-08

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