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Joost Invite Anyone?

I signed on to be a beta tester for Joost, an Internet TV startup created by the same people who started peer to peer innovator Kazaa and VoIP giant Skype. Joost founders aim to create a distribution medium for television content via the web and mix a bunch of community elements into the viewer.

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My impression so far? I really like the viewer, which requires a download and install. A menu allows users to switch channels with a click of a link. Users will also have TiVo-like control of the content and access to any show offered regardless of time of day. They can also can skip ahead or backward within a show. I see a lot of potential for a new way to surf, share and explore TV programs via the Joost network. I know it’s still in beta, but my biggest issue with Joost is that their video buffering is still pretty bad. I have yet to watch even 5 minutes of a video without it stalling.

One of the key elements that separated online video giant, YouTube from early competition was their fabulous ability to provide video streaming over the Internet without buffering. When was the last time a YouTube video stalled on you? Speaking of YouTube, the video above is an advertisement for competitor Joost that I’ve embedded on my blog via YouTube. Joost had no option to embed their promotional video via their service even though they appeal to bloggers to promote their product.

It looks like they’ve shut off the beta sign up to the public, opting for the popular invitation to beta method so many Web 2.0 startups seem to prefer. I have a few invitations to hand out, email me at: gstorry (at) if you would like one!

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  1. Eric Thurkins

    May 10, 2007 at 1:44 pm

    You have probably already gotten so many of these requests, but I would also be very appreciative of an invite to Joost. I’ll be sure to spread the wealth, though probably mainly through e-mail since I’m not terribly blog savee.

    Very respectfully,
    Eric Thurkins

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