My apologies for the lack of updates on the blog recently. I do have a great excuse though- I was in London! Jesse and I took off to the UK on business to attend ICE and LAC. These are two of the largest industry conferences for the circles Bet Smart Media now runs in.

Today is my first day back in Canada and I think I’m still pretty much on London time, hence the post at 5am- probably the earliest you’ll ever see me post on here again!

I think there’s a post brewing in my head for this blog here talking about how entrepreneurs -particularly Internet entrepreneurs- need to get outside the four walls of their office and interact with their industries. We’ve been a bit guilty of that at Bet Smart. Going to these conferences were amazing in both the relationships we now have with so many decision makers in the industry, and the number of opportunities we now can pursue as a business.

More on that later though when I’m not so jetlagged! I think we’ll be posting on the Bet Smart blog about what the conferences meant for the company. In the meantime, check out this cool video I compiled of our trip below. Mind the gap!

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