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My Week, In Pictures

Ya, ya… I said I was going to WRITE more. Well, sometimes a picture is worth 100o letters. Without further adieu, my week- in pictures:

CrAzy #YYJ weather. Snow, no snow. Snow. Rain.

Reunited with friends (Part 1)

Reunited with friends (Part 2)

Working on our first brochure for Bet Smart Media’s first trade show in London

Bring Your Dog To Work Day @ Bet Smart Media. Isabele Took Over My Job!

Top secret new landing page for a new product launch at Bet Smart. (Don’t tell anyone)

Reconnecting with awesome past colleagues & friends.

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  1. Looks like a great week…. were you really able to wear short sleeves?

  2. I didn’t have totally recent friend pics- so they may have been from the summer! 😉

  3. yeah that looked super suspiciously pleasant 😉

  4. Yeah. How’s it been in Vancouver Hapy? Same ass-weather as here?

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