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I just came across a neat idea for a twist on a video site called After the meteoric rise of YouTube there have been many “me-too” video sharing sites pop up with the exact same model. I have to appreciate clever entrepreneurs who put a bit of a twist on an idea, even if it is slight. Enter, the video sharing site for how-to videos.

I found myself perusing a number of the categories. They have a lot already: from marketing how-to to hair styling how-to. At first blush it looks like there are a lot of amateur-types in these how-to videos. (If I’m going to take the time to learn something, I’d appreciate it if I knew the methodology I was learning was quality). I think they need to get some community critical mass so that the rating system could actually start to be reliably used to separate the good from the bad / painfully average.

I leave you on this blog post, with message from Frank Furness of fame… not sure why he has a bad graphic blue screen image of the Forbidden City in the background, but ce la vie!

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  1. Frank Furness is an untapped well of genius, by the looks of things.

    As for the background image, I think it is meant to inspire ancient, practiced, and proven wisdom?

    If not, I have nothing.

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