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Things Real People DON’T Say About Advertising!

My good friend Judd sent me a funny link the other day. It hit close to home, being an online marketer myself, but was too good to not repost here. Enjoy!

Things real people don’t say about advertising. I’ve taken my top 6. Link to the original source at the bottom so you can check out the rest.

My Favourite Top 6:














And, my #1 Fav (the pic is just classic):




Check It out!

Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Well, it’s half a month into January now and I’m sure I’m similar to a lot of people who make resolutions around the start of the new year. I’ve never been a HUGE resolutions person, but that all started to change last year.

2010 is marked on my calendar as the year where I made some resolutions and really stuck to them. Before that, I have been a fair-weather resolutioner. Rarely did my commitments for change last to Valentine’s day. Needless to say, it’s been quite empowering to stick to the resolutions I made for 2010 and the act of doing so has built up my confidence and reinforced the fact for me that change is indeed very possible.

I came across an AWESOME slideshow yesterday put together by Stanford’s Persuasive Tech Lab called the Top 10 Mistakes in Behaviour Change (and how to fix them). I thought it quite appropriate to have a look through them as most resolutions concentrate on changing a behaviour of some sort (at least mine do). Whether that change in behaviour is to dial down a negative behaviour, or dial up a positive one- lasting behaviour change is a great skill to master!

Have a look below, great stuff!

I think some factors for success in sticking to my 2010 resolutions were because I intuitively followed a couple of suggestions in this deck. Now that I have the complete set of 10 I’m looking forward to seeing how much I can whoosh 2011!

I hope the New Year is off to a great start for everyone!

My Week, In Pictures

Ya, ya… I said I was going to WRITE more. Well, sometimes a picture is worth 100o letters. Without further adieu, my week- in pictures:

CrAzy #YYJ weather. Snow, no snow. Snow. Rain.

Reunited with friends (Part 1)

Reunited with friends (Part 2)

Working on our first brochure for Bet Smart Media’s first trade show in London

Bring Your Dog To Work Day @ Bet Smart Media. Isabele Took Over My Job!

Top secret new landing page for a new product launch at Bet Smart. (Don’t tell anyone)

Reconnecting with awesome past colleagues & friends.

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